SCM's Vision, Mission and Aspirations in
Dean Lyu Aiping's Message

Flourishing for two decades,
Building a Chinese medicine dream together.
—Sincerity in service, erudition and integrity

Two decades of blazing new trails and breaking new frontiers with passion and perseverance. Underpinned by the fine tradition and rich heritage of the Hong Kong Baptist University and with the benefit of a high starting point, the School of Chinese Medicine, with its strengths and dedication, has scaled high peaks and made history despite its short history.

Over the past 20 years, the School has nurtured a myriad of students steeped in quality whole person education and research talent devoted to innovative research. We are gratified to see many of them playing the role of Chinese medicine ambassador to the world, engaging not only in academic but also cultural exchange. We publish frequently in top-notch scientific journals, such as Nature Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Nature Communications, Science Translational Medicine, Autophagy and Biomaterials, and we are encouraged by the international recognition and accolades we have won. The School now boasts a comprehensive clinical network highly revered for its expert medical team devoted to the provision of first-rate evidence-based healthcare services. To embark on innovation in Chinese medicine, we have joined hands with the industry to establish the “University – Enterprise Synergy Innovation Platform”. We are on the road to the internationalisation and standardisation of Chinese medicine and the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, and we are proud to be making huge strides and solid progress.

Upholding and transmitting heritage, furthering legacy; looking back for moving forward and going far. The 20th anniversary presents SCM with an opportunity to reflect and review; it is my earnest wish that we will capitalise on the golden opportunities for the development of Chinese medicine, in particular those for the advancement of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, and adopt a new mindset to strive for greater innovation to take Chinese medicine to a higher level.

First, we must attach equal importance to tradition and modernity in advancing the development of Chinese medicine: it is only through learning from history that we can carve out the future, and through inheriting that we can innovate. Enlightened by the wisdom of Chinese medicine amassed over the millennia and endowed with rich resources of life-saving medicinal herbs, we are well placed to make use of modern technologies to unravel, enhance and further develop the mechanism, methodology, formulae and medicinal resources of traditional Chinese medicine, with a view to turning clinical experience into general protocols. Indeed, the establishment of modern Chinese medicine theories and clinical systems is a top priority and the only road to take.

Second, the development of Chinese medicine hinges on both culture and science: rooted in ancient philosophy, Chinese medicine is characterised by its duality of medical sciences and medical humanities. While recognising the importance of inheriting the traditional culture and classics of Chinese medicine and at the same time holding fast to the principle of harmony between nature and mankind as well as the mode of treatment based on syndrome differentiation, we will deploy science-based medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases. I believe this kind of full-life cycle Chinese medicine healthcare services would mark the beginning of a paradigm shift from disease-oriented to health-oriented medicine.

Third, Hong Kong must strengthen its ties with the world to spur development in Chinese medicine: blessed with the strong backing of its motherland and well-connected to the world, Hong Kong is an international city where East meets West and a key node on the “Belt and Road”. It would therefore be natural for Hong Kong to assume the role of a pivotal gateway to promote Chinese medicine to the world. In order for Chinese medicine to gain a firm foothold in the international arena, Hong Kong must live up to its position as window and bridge, connecting with the world and building a better platform for the internationalisation of Chinese medicine.

The future medicine will undoubtedly be an integrated medicine based upon Chinese and Western medical science. We look forward to the organic and seamless integration of Chinese and Western medicine guided by the principles of modern science, resulting in the birth of a new medical and pharmaceutical system with Chinese characteristics which is superior to the Chinese medicine and Western medicine of today. We envisage it as an important emblem of China, making even greater contribution to the health and well-being of the global community.

The School of Chinese Medicine of the Hong Kong Baptist University has made outstanding achievements since its inception 20 years ago. With great conviction, we will continue to forge ahead in pursuit of excellence and aspire to making more glittering successes in the next 20 years!