HKBU School of Chinese Medicine contributes to the publication of authoritative Chinese medicine textbook series in English

19 April 2010

An authoritative textbook series about Chinese medicine "Essentials of Chinese Medicine", written in English, was recently published and put in world circulation by renowned academic publisher Springer. Spearheaded by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), the books were co-written by 14 distinguished Chinese medicine scholars from Mainland China, Hong Kong and USA.

Officiating guests at the book launch today (19 April) were Mr. Zhu Haidong, Director, Division of Asia, America and Multilateral-relation, Department of International Cooperation, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, PRC; Mr. Robert Law, Senior Pharmacist (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Department of Health; Ms. Nikki Suen, Marketing Manager, Springer Asia Limited; Professor Ng Ching-fai, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU; Professor Tsoi Ah-chung, Vice President (Research and Institutional Advancement), HKBU; and Professor Liu Liang, Dean of Chinese Medicine, HKBU.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Zhu said the book series was initiated by HKBU, with the help of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in coordination with Mainland institutions and organisations. The publication provides scholars and students overseas with accurate information and knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine. He said the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will continue to support HKBU in promoting East-West academic exchange and collaboration.

In his speech, President Ng said the publication showcases HKBU's achievement in promoting the internationalisation of Chinese medicine through collaboration between HKBU and well-known institutions on the Mainland and in the US over the years. It also contributes to the advancement of Hong Kong as an international hub of Chinese medicine.

Ms. Nikki Suen said this series, written in English, pays equal importance to both theory and practice and provides a set of useful textbooks for new learners of Chinese medicine as well as reference books for Western medical professionals who wish to study Chinese medicine from a professional point of view.

Professor Liu said the series includes three volumes with a total of more than 1,500 pages. It comprehensively describes the basic theories and methods of Chinese medicine for the treatment of common illnesses. Thus, the books are good for use as English textbooks in the study of Chinese medicine, both for teaching medical students in Western medical schools and for self-study. Also, they will enable more people overseas to understand the profundity of Chinese medicine.

The three-volume set introduces the basic theories, diagnostic methods, therapeutic practices, and the principles of health preservation and rehabilitation of the Chinese medicine tradition. It also explains the basic theories and methods of acupuncture and moxibustion. In addition to illustrations of a range of Chinese herbs, almost a hundred Chinese herbal formulas, acupuncture meridians and acupoints in clinical practice have been included in the series.

(From left) Professor Liu Liang, Mr. Robert Law, Professor Ng Ching-fai, Mr. Zhu Haidong, Ms. Nikki Suen and Professor Tsoi Ah-chung officiate at the book launch