SCM organises Chinese Medicine Professional Seminar Series

15 May 2016


CLNC launched in 2014 the “CM Professional Seminar Series” to enhance the knowledge of Chinese medicine classics among professionals in the Chinese medicine sector.  Under this Seminar Series, three lectures were organised on 15 May.  While Professor Huang Huang from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine spoke on the application of Da Cai Hu decoction and Professor Zheng Qijing from Clifford Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine introduced the use of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for intractable cough and hemorrhagic disorders, Professor Liu Xiao from Hainan Provincial Center for Skin Disease and STI Control gave a talk on the current situation and outlook of Chinese medicine treatment for psoriasis.  The Seminar attracted over 600 teachers, students and alumni of SCM, local registered Chinese medicine practitioners and members of the public.