Visitors tour HKBU museum to better understand Chinese Medicine

18 May 2010


Why don't Chinese medicine practitioners use stethoscopes instead of pulse diagnosis to check the heartbeat of patients? Is it a must for Chinese medicine practitioners to check patients' tongues? How can Chinese medicine dispensers pick the right type of Chinese medicines from hundreds of tiny drawers?

Visitors found the clues and learned more about the Chinese medicine during their visit to the Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

The Chinese Medicine Museum was open on 15-16 May and workshops were organised for the general public to tie in with International Museum Day.

Highlights of the activities at the Museum include interactive games for the participants to experience the pulse and tongue diagnostic technique as well as DIY Chinese medicinal formula, fun quizzes, films and talks on Chinese medicine, and an introduction to the exhibits in the Museum and the Chinese Medicines Centre.

In addition, with the aim of introducing the local and international community to the long and profound history of traditional Chinese medicine, the Museum screens a series of video programmes on weekdays on themes related to Chinese Medicine. The programme for this month is "Face Diagnosis".

The Museum will organise tailor-made workshops for secondary schools and primary schools. For details, please click here.

 Visitors are briefed on the exhibits

Visitors experience how to pick and measure the Chinese medicines