University promotes medicinal plants and penjing art at Hong Kong Flower Show

14 March 2014


The University and the Society of Chinese Materia Medica are participating in the annual Hong Kong Flower Show with a display of medicinal plants as well as a series of miniature masterpieces of penjing art from the University’s Man Lung Garden. As well as admiring the beauty of the plants, visitors can enhance their knowledge of the uses of medicinal plants, in particular how they can treat and help prevent urban disease. 

This year, students from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) are introducing the comprehensive application of medicinal plants for the prevention of diseases arising from life in urban environments such as Hong Kong. This valuable work by the students will enable the public to learn more about treatments with Chinese medicine and also how to prepare medicinal dishes to help prevent disease. Common urban diseases such as insomnia, high blood pressure and stomach pain are often found among people with busy and stressful lifestyles marked by a lack of sleep and exercise.

Among the exquisite penjing items on display are ones entitled Fukien Tea, Cascade Plant, Yew Podocarp, Chinese Banyan and Chinese Elm.

The Flower Show, organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held at Victoria Park until 16 March (Sunday). For details, please click here.


The School of Chinese Medicine’s exhibition enhances understanding of medicinal plants

People show their interest in the penjing art from the Man Lung Garden