2016-11-01 Dr. Josef Jampilek Strategies Focused on Overcoming Bacterial Resistance
2016-10-12 Dr. Robert Bryson-Richardson Disease mechanisms and therapies for aggregate myopathies
2016-10-05 胡新天教授 慢性应激与抑郁症关系-基於猕猴的研究
2016-09-30 Dr. PENG Shaoliang Biomedical Big Data Science on Tianhe Supercomputers
2016-08-22 Prof. Wei-Xing Zong Cellular stress in oncogenesisand therapy: proteostasis, redox regulation, and glutamine metabolism
2016-06-17 Prof. Wei Jia Translational metabolomics in drug metabolism and gastrointestinal carcinogenesis
2016-06-16 Prof. Thomas Efferth Artesunate for Cancer Therapy
2016-06-15 Dr. Diego Luis Medina Lysosomal calcium signaling regulates autophagy via calcineurin and TFEB
2016-05-23 Prof. Michael Heinrich The quest for better medicines – What can ethnopharmacology contribute?
2016-05-06 Prof Sanjib Senapati Nucleotide-dependent conformational changes in Tubulin dimer and the effects of Mutations: Insights into Microtybule Dynamic Instability
2016-04-29 Prof. Zhou Hong Shall we target osteoblastic HSD1 to treat obesity?
2016-03-08 Dr. Balaji Manicassamy Immunological Insights from Novel Fluorescent Reporter of Viruses and Pandemic Strains
2016-02-19 Prof Toshiaki Makino Difference of Japanese traditional Kampo medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and the marker compounds for quality control of crude drugs
2016-01-21 Mr. Peter Sprenger Workshop on Benchtop NMR and Applications
2016-01-19 Prof. Jeremy K. Nicholson Top-Down Systems Biology Approaches in TCM: Bridging East and West Science and Eastern Medicine
2016-01-07 Dr. Lu Jiahong Autophagy - A Promising Drug Target for Human DIseases
2015-12-11 Dr. Yonggui Robin Chi Carbene Catalyst-Enabled New Activation Modes and Rapid Access to Functional Molecules
2015-12-04 Dr. Sven Schröder Neuroprotective Effects of Coptidis rhizome chinensis Franch. (Huang Lian)
2015-12-03 Prof. Chun-Su Yuan New Drug Development in the US and Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research at University of Chicago
2015-11-26 Dr. Zucai Suo Watching DNA polymerases incorporate drug molecules and bypass an oxidative lesion
2015-10-23 Prof. Chae Younbyoung Brain responses to acupuncture stimulation: from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience
2015-10-23 Dr. Inseon Lee Acupuncture and Functional dyspepsia
2015-10-23 Prof. Luonan Chen Detecting "un-occurred" disease state by dynamical network biomarkers – Precision Medicine by Big-Data
2015-09-16 Prof. Ye Min Chemical Analysis and Pharmacokinetics of Chinese Herbal Medicines
2015-08-27 Dr. Yue Jianbo Autophagy Regulation by Oxidative Stress, Ca2+ and Small Chemicals
2015-08-14 Prof. Xue Yu Computational Analysis of the Phosphoproteomic Data
2015-08-11 Dr. Jiang Wu Development of Inhibitors and Assay Methods for Histone Acetyltransferases
2015-07-03 贺震旦教授 苦丁茶化学成分及其药理作用研究
2015-06-03 Dr. Wong Wing Tak Jack Discovery of Novel Determinants of Endothelial Lineage: Insights from Chimeric Heterokaryons
2015-06-01 Prof. Rikard Holmdahl Autoimmunity to Cartilage Predicting and Regulating Rheumatoid Arthritis
2015-05-18 Prof. Yun Zhang Vulnerable Plaque: State of the Art
2015-03-27 Prof. Chunlin Long Studies on Medicine-Food Plants Collected by Ethnic People in Yunnan Tropics
2015-03-12 陈大志医学博士 针灸治疗机理的探讨及其临床应用
2015-03-09 Prof. Zhong Qing Biochemical Dissection and Reconstitution of Mammalian Autophagy
2015-03-03 Prof. Edward Kennelly Adulterated Botanical Supplements in the United States Market
2015-02-16 Prof. Chic-Chang Chu Nature-Inspired Design of a New Family of Biodegradable Pseudo-Protein-Based Biomaterials: Their Biological Property and Biomedical Applications
2015-02-13 Prof. Seong-Gyu Ko Molecular targeted Cancer Therapy: Herbal Drug Development and Translational Study
2015-02-02 Prof. Chun-Tao Che A Tale of Two Herbs: Paeonia lactiflora and Ligustrum lucidum
2014-12-04 郜恒骏教授 临床转化研究丶学科建设与生物样本库
2014-11-19 Prof. Suo Zucai Structural, Kinetic, and Dynamic Studies of DNA Polymerases
2014-11-11 Prof. Liping Zhao Can We Follow Koch's Postulates for Hunting Down Human Obesity Bugs in Gut Microbiota?
2014-11-11 Dr. James Graham The NAPRALERT® Database: (Still) Outstanding in the Field of Natural Products
2014-11-06 崔蒙教授 中医药信息学重点領域研究进展
2014-10-30 Prof. Paul U. Unschuld The Translation of Historial Chinese Illness Terminology into Western Languages
2014-10-23 Prof. Xiao Tiqiao X-ray imaging at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
2014-10-13 Prof. Han-Ming Shen A Force for Survival: Involvement of Autophagy in Stress-Mediated Cell Death
2014-09-10 Prof. Xu Jiake From Nobel Prize-winning discovery to the mechanism of vesicle transport in osteoclasts
2014-08-04 Prof. Zhu Lixin Gut microbiome as an emerging target of TCM for the management of liver diseases
2014-07-28 Prof. Ding Wenxing The double-edged Sword of Autophagy and Nrf2 in Cancer
2014-06-23 Prof. Gong Chen In vivo reprogramming for brain repair
2014-06-23 Dr. Jiajie Diao Single-vesicle analysis of SNARE-mediated membrane fusion involved in autophagy
2014-06-17 Prof. Kiichiro Tsutani Evidence-based Activities on Kampo and Integrative Medicine in Japan: EKAT, KCONSORT and eJIM
2014-05-20 Prof Cheng Dong Circulatory Tumor Microenvironment
2014-05-16 戴惠博士 多糖特异性免疫识别的分子机制和免疫生物学意义
2014-04-23 Dr. Keith Wu A mortalin/HSPA9-mediated switch in tumor-suppressive signaling of Raf/MEK/extracellular signal-regulated kinase
2014-04-09 杨凌教授 中药药代动力学新方法論 - 早期ADME性质及其系统整合
2014-04-08 吴顺华教授 药物领域的专利保护
2014-03-25 Dr. Lijun Rong Identification of Entry Inhibitors of Influenza Viruses, Arenaviruses and Filoviruses
2014-03-14 曹晖教授 「国家中药现代化工程技术研究中心」简介及其项目之申报详情
2014-03-11 曾建国博士 中药新产品课程系列讲座 - 博落回药用资源的综合利用与开发
2014-02-13 Prof. David Moher Establishing a hospital based technology assessment unit
2014-02-12 Prof. David Moher Scientific writing and publishing: challenges and opportunities for academic institutions
2014-01-10 Prof. Seong-Gyu Ko Education System for Traditional Medicine of Kyung Hee University and Research for Tailored Traditional Medicine in Korea