Mission & Vision


The School is committed to a distinctive mission of providing quality teaching programmes, conducting cutting-edge research and offering first-rate medical services in Chinese medicine. It seeks to achieve excellence in all aspects of its endeavors, to uphold intellectual freedom, to promote high professional and ethical standards in the Chinese medical profession, and to foster integration of Chinese medicine into the public medical and healthcare framework of Hong Kong. By integrating teaching, research, clinical service and technology, the School strives to achieve an all-round development with the aim of modernizing Chinese medicine and advancing it into the international arena.


The School aspires to contribute the best efforts to the modernization, professionalization and internationalization of Chinese medicine. Seeking the support from various sectors, the School strives for the establishment of a Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong with an aim to provide comprehensive medical services in Chinese medicine for the community as well as the practicum and employment opportunity for local nurtured Chinese medicine students.

Core Values

The School's core values are:

  • the pursuit of knowledge and the development of expertise through a scientific, modernized approach to Chinese medicine education;
  • a strong commitment to academic excellence and to upholding integrity in the Chinese medicine profession;
  • a synergized organization in which teaching, research and clinical practice are interlinked and mutually supported;
  • a caring, professional, and socially responsible team that contributes to the well-being of mankind.