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Chinese medicine, as the Chinese inherited arts and science in illness prevention, has played a paramount role in the healthcare system of China in the past millennia. In recent decades, a more sophisticated society, coupled with the raising of living standard, has given rise to an ageing population. Human disease spectrum evolved. Under such circumstances, Chinese medicine, characterized by its conception of balance, dynamism and holistic care, became an important matter of concern in the medical world. The Chinese medicine industry thereby works hand in hand to fully stretch the predominant characteristics and the treatment edge of Chinese medicine, so as to serve for public health.

Since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, HKSAR has created a favourable environment for Chinese medicine development in Hong Kong. In 1999, the Legislative Council officially passed the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, which laid the foundation for its growth. In response to the social needs and for the sake of social well being, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) established its first Chinese medicine clinic in 1997, which provides Chinese medicine healthcare service to the community. Under the auspices of the University Grant Committee and the government, HKBU started enrolment for its firstly launched Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chinese medicine in 1998, and opened the full-time Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in Chinese medicine in 2001. This nurtures Chinese medicine specialists for the future and manifests a bright future for Chinese medicine development in Hong Kong.

Practice is of high degree of importance in the study of Chinese medicine. To enhance teaching, HKBU set up its first Chinese medicine clinic as early as 1997. The clinic serves not only as a Chinese medicine medical centre for the community but also a clinical teaching base for the Chinese medicine students. In order to further strengthen clinical teaching activities, the School of Chinese Medicine set up the Clinical Division in July 2001, which oversees and coordinates amongst its affiliated Chinese medicine clinics. In terms of clinical research, teaching and medical services, the Clinical Division plays a supportive role.


  1. Clinical Teaching

    Arrange and manage the teaching activities of clinical practicum/internship and pharmaceutical practicum together with the Teaching and Research Division and the Division of Continuing and Professional Education, is one of the our major missions.

  2. Healthcare Services

    Manage Chinese medicine clinics which located at Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and New Territories providing quality Chinese medicine medical and healthcare services to the community, standardize the safety and quality medical and health services is one of our major objectives which in return provide a good support as one of the main teaching bases for the students of HKBU. Please click here to view the Chinese medicine clinics information.

  3. Clinical Research

    Healing effects are the soul of herbal medicine. To raise the clinical effectiveness of herbal medicine, an extension of clinical research is deemed to be indispensable. Clinical research is a prerequisite for the advancement of the academic quality and modernization of Chinese medicine. Therefore, clinical research is also an area of emphasis of our division.

  4. Public Education

    For precaution, we actively engage in public education and outreach by means of public talks and seminars on healthcare issues and treatment of diseases with Chinese medicine. It helps disseminate valuable healthcare information and raise health consciousness of the public. Please click here to view the details.

Professor BIAN Zhaoxiang


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