The Chinese medicine discipline is within the ambits of “Health and Drug Discovery” and “Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”, which are two of the three strategic clusters of Hong Kong Baptist University’s research strengths.

Riding on the University’s strategy to foster interdisciplinary research, the School of Chinese Medicine makes full use of cutting-edge technologies and collaborates with leading scientists across a broad range of disciplines to conduct innovative research in traditional Chinese medicine which aims to discover new knowledge and create novel technologies for translation and application to benefit society, as well as to contribute to the modernisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine.

Above all, the research at SCM is driven by a strong desire to tackle real-world health challenges, whilst contributing to a better understanding of the mechanisms of human diseases from a clinical and research perspective, thereby advancing precision medicine and devising innovative therapeutic solutions.

SCM’s major research areas include:
  1. Precision medicine and phenomics
  2. Translational medicine and innovative drug discovery
  3. Authentication and testing of Chinese medicines
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