Professor LYU Aiping Professor LYU Aiping


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is a young but high-achieving academic unit of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) devoted to nurturing new generations of Chinese medicine professionals and scientists, conducting innovative and impactful translational research, providing world-class healthcare services, inheriting and promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine as well as fostering the robust development of Chinese medicine.

Deeply rooted in Hong Kong, SCM aspires to become an all-round school with local characteristics that serves the needs of the local industry and community; and at the same time capitalise on the unique advantage of Hong Kong as a pivotal gateway between East and West to push for the advancement and internationalisation of traditional Chinese medicine.

We attach great importance to exchange and collaboration with both the Mainland and global academic and professional communities; and we join forces with them to promote the standardisation and modernisation of Chinese medicine worldwide.  We value both inheritance and innovation, and make full use of modern technologies to push the boundaries of innovation in traditional Chinese medicine and pave the way for its sustainable growth.

We hope this website will give you an overview of the amazing work we have done and we look forward to your continued support for our efforts to shape a brighter future for Chinese medicine.  You are most welcome to apply to our programmes or participate in our activities to experience the profundity of Chinese medicine with us!


Professor LYU Aiping
Acting Dean of Chinese Medicine