Division of Continuing and Professional Education (DCPE)


  1. To remain as a pre-eminent provider in Hong Kong in the provision of quality training in Chinese medicine.
  2. To take a leading role in the promotion of the Chinese medicine culture.


  1. To provide sustainable and professional training opportunities to local/overseas professional Chinese medicine practitioners and other personnel of the local Chinese medicine-related industries.
  2. To promote the Chinese medicine culture to the Hong Kong public and beyond.

With the aim of providing students with the best learning experience and practicum opportunity, we keep on improving our teaching pedagogies and had implemented the outcome-based teaching and learning strategy. We also carry out regular curriculum reviews and attend to audit and benchmark evaluations from the University and external quality assurance system. Riding on the leading position of the School of Chinese Medicine, we have a team of experienced and innovative teaching staff as well as excellent Chinese medicine related facilities and practicum base in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we maintain close relationship with students and the community and provide students with information of other learning activities outside the classroom. After all, our goals of teaching not only lay emphasis on improving students’ knowledge, but also aim to broaden their horizons and cultivate the spirit of life-long learning.


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