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The Teaching and Research Division (CMTR) of School of Chinese Medicine is committed to excellent teaching and high quality of research in Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. After the successful launch of the first UGC-funded undergraduate double degree programme, viz. the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme in 1998, the School opened the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in Chinese Medicine programme in 2001, the first-ever and still the only programme of its kind in Hong Kong.

With the concerted efforts and support of staff, students, alumni, the general public and the Hong Kong government, CMTR has made tremendous progress and contribution in the areas of teaching, research and provision of clinical services since its commencement. Our graduates have developed their careers in health care, research, teaching, administrative management and pharmaceutical industry, not only in Hong Kong and mainland China but also throughout the world. We are pleased and proud of their contribution to society and take pride in their achievements. On the research front, we have made laudable accomplishments and discoveries one after another, as evidenced by our record of outstanding publications and inventions.

We have been striving for international recognition and excellence—we are committed to the promotion of international education in Chinese medicine as well as academic exchange and collaboration with non-local institutions, and we have been making keen efforts to embark on collaboration in life sciences with research institutions and bio-pharmaceutical enterprises in mainland China and overseas. We value the relationship with our alumni and we always seek to cement our ties with them. Our alumni are an important part of our endeavor to establish a Chinese medicine teaching hospital, promote a Chinese medicine pharmacist registration system and enhance the Chinese medicine education in Hong Kong.

As the saying goes, "it takes a decade to grow a tree, but a century to nurture people". Looking ahead, CMTR will continue to provide quality Whole Person Education, and nurture Chinese medicine doctors and professionals with both skills and benevolence as well as a strong sense of social responsibility. We are confident that our knowledgeable and skillful graduates with a positive outlook on life will serve the community dutifully and diligently and make substantial contribution to the betterment of mankind.

Professor ZHANG Hongjie

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