SCM at a Glance

Pioneer and Leader in Chinese medicine

  • First School of Chinese Medicine offering full-time UGC-funded programmes in Hong Kong, established in 1999.
  • Offers Hong Kong's first and only UGC-funded Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science double degree programme (BCM), launched in 1998.
  • Launched in 2001 and runs Hong Kong's first and only UGC-funded Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in Chinese Medicine programme (BPharm).
  • Boasts first purpose-built school of Chinese medicine building with herbal garden, first and only Chinese medicine museum, Chinese medicines centre and Chinese medicine library in a Hong Kong university.
  • Key player in education, research and healthcare services in Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and beyond.
  • Set up in 2011 the biennial Cheung On Tak International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine carrying a prize award of HK$500,000.


Comprehensive programme profile


Focus research areas

  • Precision medicine and phenomics study
  • Translational medicine and innovative drug discovery
  • Authentication and testing of Chinese medicines

Robust research at 9 research centres

Set up 6 joint research establishments in collaboration with universities/research institutes and 2 research bases in Shenzhen and Changshu


  • Research Assessment Exercise 2014
    • 4% of the projects submitted by SCM rated four-star (world leading)—top among local institutions in the field of Chinese medicine
    • 18% of the projects rated three-star (international excellence)
    • 72% of the research projects attained two-star (international standing) or above
  • Won 24 competitive external research grants totalling HK$10,794,124 and RMB4,221,000 in 2016-17.
  • Published 115 papers in international SCI journals in 2016-17, with 14 of them published in journals with an impact factor of 5.0 or above.

Clinical services

Possesses largest network of 16 Chinese medicine clinics among universities in Hong Kong

  • 9 clinics operated by SCM
  • 7 clinics operated in collaboration with Hospital Authority and NGOs

First-rate Chinese medicine specialty services provided by Chinese medicine experts

Clinical services informed by clinical studies

Subsidy schemes for underprivileged elderly for attending HKBU Chinese medicine clinics

Talks and seminars for Chinese medicine practitioners and the public


Last updated: 7 March 2018