Activity Highlights

12 April 2019

Diagnosis and Treatment of exogenous coughing in terms of Chinese Medicine

(Speaker: Mr. Cheng Ho-tik)

29 March 2019

Treatment of Different Pediatric Disease in Chinese Medicine

(Speaker: Mr. Pang Chun-sang)

21 February 2019

Twenty Years of Chinese Medicine Development in Hong Kong: Review and Prospect

(Speaker: Mr. Chung Chi-ho)

23 November 2018

The Study Methods and Experiences of "The Golden Chamber"

(Speaker: Mr. Ng Chi-sun)

Oct-Nov 2018

Seminar by Alumni-Orthopaedics

(Speaker: Mr. Lam Yuen-chi)

30 October 2018

Seminar by Alumni-Canon

(Speaker: Mr. Lee Kai-ping)


27 September 2018


Seminar by Alumni-Gynaecology of Chinese Medicine

(Speaker: Ms. Chin Wing-yee)

18 April 2018

Seminar by Alumni-Orthopaedics & Traumatology of CM

(Speaker: Ms. Lee Wing-yan)

14 March 2018

Seminar by Alumni-Acupuncture

(Speaker: Mr. Chung Wai-yeung)

29 November 2017

Orthopaedics in Chinese Medicine

(Speaker: Mr. Mok-king)

20 November 2017

Thinking on depth of acupuncture points

(Speaker: Mr. Lee Ka-ming)

13 November 2017

Relationship between Qi, Points and Disease in Acupuncture

(Speaker: Mr. Chan Lin-chuen)

6 November 2017

Approach to Acupuncture

(Speaker: Mr. Lee Ka-ming)

30 October 2017

Broad and Clear – Importance of clinical thinking and decision

(Speaker: Mr. Ho Ting-hin)

29 October 2017

Fundamental Structure of "LiuJing" diagnostic method and introduction to the concept of "FuYang"

(Speaker: Mr. Lee Hong-ming)

9 October 2017

Introduction to Chinese Medicine Literature and Textual Research branches

(Speaker: Mr. Lam Chun-pong)

To broaden the horizons of students, enhance the learning effect, and facilitate the exchange of idea in different grades, “Chinese Medicine Clinical Tutorial” has been continued to supplement the learning needs of students in different grades. This activity has been well recognized and supported by students and alumni, and hopes it can inherit the spirit of Baptist University Chinese medicine.

25 September 2017

From books to practice of Chinese Medicine

(Speaker: Mr. Lee Hon-wai)

24 September 2017

From "Body View" to core of Chinese Medicine theory and its branches

(Speaker: Mr. Lam Chun-pong)

20 September 2016

Alumni sharing at “Chinese Medicine Clinical Tutorial”

To deepen learning, enhance the learning effectiveness and encourage the critical thinking, “Chinese Medicine Clinical Tutorial” has been offered to the students of different grades with learning needs since 2016-17 academic year. The tutorial is on the voluntary basis and was kicked off in the fall semester in early September. SCM alumni were invited to share the learning experience with the students.

18 September 2016

Alumni took part in the establishment of Chinese medicine culture wall

The start of the 2016-17 academic year saw the erection of the "Chinese Medicine Culture Wall" on the external wall of the SCM Building.  The Wall, which features Chinese medicine quotes furnished by staff, students and alumni of SCM, embodies the visions and aspirations of the SCM community and promotes Chinese medicine culture.  The colourful mural displaying "6020" also serves to celebrate the 60th anniversary of HKBU and heralds the upcoming 20th anniversary of SCM.

1 September 2016

2016 Convocation for School of Chinese Medicine

With the advent of the new academic year, 2016 Convocation was held on 1 September 2016, with nearly 150 teachers, students and alumni attend. During the Convocation, we have introduced the history of the SCM, the latest School structure and the teaching and research staff of different divisions. Besides, the students’ statistics and a series of summer exchange activities were reported. On the day, we have invited our Vice President (Teaching & Learning), Dr. Albert Chau to give a welcome greeting. Our three distinguished alumni representatives were also invited to share their valuable experiences in clinical services, scientific research and Chinese Medicine managerial skills.

19 May 2016

BCM and BPharm alumni interviewed to introduce undergraduate programmes

Upon the invitation of the School, Dr. Dennis Au, alumnus of BCM programme, and Mr. Wesley Chow, alumnus of BPharm programme, were interviewed by the media and introduced the characteristics and career prospects of graduates of the two programmes respectively.

2-4 April 2016

Seminar on Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders organised by HKBU School of Chinese Medicine (Full Time) Alumni

13 December 2015

10th Anniversary Celebratory Activities of the 3rd Cohort of BCM Graduates

The 3rd Cohort of BCM Graduates held the “10th Anniversary Celebratory Activities” on 13 December 2015. The event was divided into three parts: The first activity was “Ten-Year Experience Talk”. Some alumni of the 3rd cohort in different fields were invited to share the experiences in their works, studies, research and clinical services in the past ten years. The second activity was “Back to the Classroom”. Alumni returned to the classrooms to regain the interesting and unforgettable memories. The third activity was the “Ten-Year Friendship” Dinner Party. Alumni, teachers and students were altogether to enjoy the dinner and spend a joyful and unforgettable night.

21 September 2015

SCM Christmas Dinner-cum-Graduates’ Teacher Appreciation Dinner

SCM organised for the first time the annual Christmas dinner in conjunction with the teacher appreciation dinner on 21 December 2015. There were a total of 40 tables of staff, alumni representatives and friends from the Chinese medicine and other sectors to celebrate the festive season and the graduation of class of 2015. Added to the festivity and joy were performances by teachers, students, alumni and guests who showed their talents in singing, dancing and playing magic.

30 March 2015

Han-Fang Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. Bursary

SCM received a donation of HKD$250,000 from Han-Fang Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd. for establishing a bursary to help BCM and BPharm undergraduate students with financial difficulties to continue their studies.  A donation ceremony was held on 30 March.  Five members of the Company's board of directors are alumni of SCM and this bursary is the first-ever contribution to the School from its alumni.

28 October 2013

Alumna Delia Chan supports Daniel & Kitty Tse Visiting Professorship Scheme

Alumna Ms. Delia Chan (Master in Chinese medicine, 2008) donated HK$1 million to her alma mater to support the Daniel & Kitty Tse Visiting Professorship Scheme.  At the annual alumni dinner on 28 October, the University celebrated the 80th birthday of Dr. Tse, who had initiated the establishment of SCM during his presidency of HKBU.  To celebrate Dr. Tse's birthday, Ms. Chan and SCM staff presented to him a photo album showing his contribution to the work of SCM since its establishment.

8 September 2013

MCM alumni celebrated 5th anniversary of graduation

Alumni of the Master of Chinese Medicine programme (2008) hosted a dinner on 8 September to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their graduation.  About 50 alumni and teachers attended the gathering.  In addition to fostering friendship between the alumni and their teachers, this special occasion provided the opportunity for the alumni to thank their teachers for their nurturing.

30 May 2013

1st cohort of Chinese medicine graduates commemorate their 10th graduation anniversary

As of 2013, HKBU nurtured over 300 Chinese medicine practitioners since its launch of Hong Kong's first Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme in 1998. The HKBU Chinese Medicine (Full Time) Alumni Association hosted an academic seminar at SCM in May to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the graduation of the first cohort of Chinese medicine alumni.

27 December 2011

Alumni celebrates festive seasons with SCM community

SCM students maintain close contact with the School and teachers after their graduation and work with them to foster the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.  The festive seasons provide opportunities for the alumni to meet and have fun with teachers and students of their alma mater, and many alumni would join the SCM Christmas dinner and Chinese New Year tea reception for reunion with teachers and university classmates.

2 October 2011

Alumni Association hosted CM seminar

HKBU School of Chinese Medicine (Full Time) Alumni Association co-organised a lecture series on how to distinguish the quality of Chinese herbal medicines with a local association of Chinese medicine practitioners from September to October 2011.  More than 20 participants gathered on campus to learn the traditional method of and criteria for identifying high and low quality Chinese herbal medicines.

6 February 2011

Close links with alumni

SCM is a big family of Chinese medicine talents. The graduates of the two undergraduate programmes have all the time kept in close touch with the School and tendered their full support to it by participating in the School-wide activities. Representatives of graduates in various cohorts took part in the New Year gathering organised by SCM on campus in February. The event provides a valuable opportunity for them to go over the old days and to keep in ties and exchange experience with their counterparts in the Chinese medicine profession.