Alumni Updates

23 June 2022

Professor Chan Wing-kwong named HKBU Distinguished Alumnus

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23 June 2022

Alumnus Dr. Derrick Lam Shares Chinese Medicine Remedy for Long COVID

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23 February 2022

A Sharing by Alumnus Cheung Chun-hoi on Common Knee Pain from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

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9 March 2018

Dr. Eddie Chui received Distinguished Alumni Award

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20 February 2017

Dr. Tony Chua: Passing on the inheritance of Chinese medicine

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7 February 2017

Ms. Delia Chan named Outstanding HKBU Alumna

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2 November 2016

Alumus Chris Chan awarded Dragon Culture TCM Scholarship

Chris Chan, alumnus of the 2010 Class of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Biomedical Science programme, was awarded Dragon Culture Traditional Chinese Medicine Scholarships by the Dragon Culture Charity Fund for his outstanding performance and passion in Chinese medicine research.

17 March 2016

Alumus Dr. Dennis Au conferred third HKBU Distinguished Alumni Award

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11 November 2015

Alumna Jenny Yeung awarded Dragon Culture TCM Scholarship

Jenny Yeung, alumna of the 1st cohort of the 2003 Class of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Biomedical Science programme, was awarded Dragon Culture Traditional Chinese Medicine Scholarships by the Dragon Culture Charity Fund for her outstanding performance and passion in Chinese medicine research.

28 October 2014

Alumna Katy Wong's internship at WHO

Katy Wong, alumna of the 2013 Class of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme, was selected from over 10,000 applicants worldwide to win an internship opportunity at the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine of the headquarters of World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva from August 2014 to February 2015. The internship programme is open to public health students and experts from all over the world and the application success rate is 5%.

At WHO, Katy was engaged in the verification and analysis of data collected for the global survey on traditional medicines: policy on traditional medicine and regulation and safety monitoring of herbal medicines, and had the opportunity to participate in a number of training sessions and discussion seminars to enrich her knowledge of public health. With the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, the team to which she belongs had been coordinating experts of traditional medicines from around the world to try to work out strategies for treating Ebola patients. She also attended sharing sessions conducted by experts deployed to fight Ebola in West Africa as well as meetings of WHO and United Nations experts to discuss the vaccine and treatment for Ebola. These experiences enabled her to learn about the all-round strategy adopted by the international organisations for confronting an epidemic.

Katy completed the Master of Public Health programme at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, United Kingdom in 2014. She said: "As a result of the internship, I am exposed to different global health issues, and look at traditional medicine from an international perspective. It has challenged me to reflect on how young Chinese medicine practitioners could contribute to the promotion of traditional medicine in the global health arena."

8 April 2014

Alumna Amy Leung provides voluntary medical service at Thai-Myanmar border

Amy Leung, alumna of the 2013 Class of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme, participated in the "Village Acupuncturist" scheme organised by the voluntary orgnisation "Chinese Medicine for All" to provide free Chinese medicine consultation for Myanmar refugees stranded at the Thai-Myanmar border and teach the medical personnel acupuncture skills from January to July 2014.

21 March 2013

New book by alumna Jenny Yeung

Jenny Yeung, alumna of the 1st cohort of the undergraduate programme in Chinese medicine (2003), wrote a bilingual book entitled ‘‘Homemade Cup of Tea – Easy Herbal Infusion for Beauty & Health', which teaches women how to prepare tea for beauty and health using the simple method of infusion.

18 February 2013

Alumna Miss Gwyneth Yip shared her practice experience in Switzerland

Miss Gwyneth Yip, a Chinese medicine alumna who graduated in 2005, went to Switzerland in 2011 to practise at a Chinese medicine clinic. When she returned to Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year holidays, she visited her teachers at her alma mater and shared with the press her experience in Switzerland.

4 December 2012

In memoriam of alumna Yang Yan Lee Loi Lily

Yang Yan Lee Loi Lily, alumna of CM undergraduate programme (2009), passed away on 4 November 2012 at the age of 27. The late Ms. Yang was a caring Chinese medicine practitioner who gave free Chinese medicine talks and provided consultation for free to benefit a headcount of over 3,000 patients during the two years of her practice. She was awarded a certificate of commendation by the Social Welfare Department for her volunteer work. Ms. Yang was the main breadwinner of her family, and her sister, also a CM alumna, has still to repay loans taken out from the government for her undergraduate studies. The HKBU Chaplain's Office has appealed for donations to help the Yang family, and more than HK$140,000 has been raised.

1 November 2012

Chinese medicine alumnus wins a runner-up award in Global Entrepreneur of the Year

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13 September 2012

Alumna Delia Chan conferred HKBU Honorary University Fellowship

Alumna Delia Chan was conferred Honorable University Fellowship by HKBU in recognition of her outstanding contribution to society and in appreciation of her highly valued support to her alma mater. Ms. Chan joined the textiles and garment industry after completing a higher diploma in Secretarial and Managerial Studies at the then Hong Kong Baptist College. She pursued her studies in Chinese medicine at HKBU and received a Bachelor's degree in Health Science (Chinese Medicine) jointly offered by HKBU and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2005, and a master's degree in Chinese medicine in 2008. Ms. Chan cares deeply about the development of HKBU and has made generous donations to support the Centre for Cancer and Inflammation Research as well as Chinese medicine research.

10 November 2011

Alumni's CM clinic wins two prizes of HSBC Youth Business Award

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Two alumni of the Chinese medicine undergraduate programme received the Silver Award and the "Most Favourite Youth Business Award Online" of the HSBC Youth Business Award for setting up the Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic Limited. The Award was organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

Peter Pang and Dennis Au (graduates of 2005) established the CM clinic in 2008. They provided professional services to enhance patients' physical health with a "fusion" of traditional Chinese medicine and modern management style. They have also set up a non-profit organisation "Chinese Medicine For All" to help those in deprived countries.

15 September 2011

Alumnus Sam Pang: The good doctor

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15 July 2011

Alumnus Dennis Au receives Young Leader award

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Alumnus Dennis Au, a graduate of the 3rd cohort of Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science, was presented the 5th Young Leader award by the Harbour Junior Chamber in appreciation of his leadership and contribution to the society by arranging registered Chinese medicine practitioners through voluntary organisation "Chinese Medicine for All" to provide free consultation to people living in the remote areas of the Philippines over the past two years.

As one of the founding members of "Chinese Medicine for All" since his graduation in 2005, Dennis hopes to spread the seeds of Chinese medicine in different countries and regions for those in need of Chinese medicine treatment

20 March 2011

Alumnus Mr. Wing Wong wins prizes at inter-school dancesport competition

Alumnus Mr. Wing Wong, graduate of SCM's Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) in Chinese Medicine in 2010 scooped four silver medals and three bronze medals with his partner at the 7th Inter-School DanceSport Competition held in early March 2011. A former Vice-President of the DanceSport Society of HKBU Student Union, Mr. Wong has taken part in the performance at various University-wide or School-wide events. He is currently pursuing the study for the Master's degree in Health Management in Chinese Medicine under SCM.