Award Regulations

  1. The Cheung On Tak International Award is conferred biennially on scientists and scholars with groundbreaking and internationally recognised achievements in advancing internationalisation of Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine research. The Award may confer awards on one to two scholars.
  2. The Award is only awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Chinese medicine, whereas research groups or management teams are not eligible for the Award. Should a research team be considered to have made outstanding achievements, consideration should be given to nominating the team leader for the Award. A nominee shall meet at least one of the criteria listed below:
    • Attained groundbreaking achievements in scientific research on Chinese medicine with application in the international community and yielding significant social and/or economic benefits;
    • Made outstanding contribution to and international impact on the provision of Chinese medical service, research and development of scientific technologies and products of Chinese medicine, nurturing of Chinese medicine talents, and promotion of Chinese medicine; and
    • Made outstanding achievements in advancing the internationalisation and modernisation of Chinese medicine as well as fostering international exchanges and collaborations in Chinese medicine, and gained global recognition from peers for his/her achievements.
  3. The Award carries a monetary prize of HK$500,000. In the event of the conferment of two awards, the prize money will be shared equally between the two awardees. Each awardee will also receive a trophy and a certificate.
  4. The Panel of Adjudicators may decide that no awards will be conferred in a particular session.
  5. In the event that an awardee passes away after the announcement of the grant of the award to him/her, the prize will be given to his/her estate.