Nomination Procedures

  1. Nomination Procedures
  1. For Nomination by Academic Institutions or Other Organisations
  2. Candidates from Mainland China shall be nominated by academic institutions, such as universities and research institutes, OR relevant departments/councils or academic societies at or above the provincial/ministerial level in Mainland China.
  3. Candidates from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas shall be nominated by academic institutions, such as universities and research institutes.
  4. Each organisation may nominate up to three candidates for the Award.
  5. For Nomination by Scholars
  6. The nomination must be jointly made by at least three full professors (or scholars of equivalent rank) in relevant fields.
  7. For Nomination by Panel of Adjudicators
  8. Each adjudicator may nominate up to one candidate for the Award.
  9. The nominees may not be informed of being nominated during the nomination period.
  10. Other Rules
  11. Deceased nominees will not be considered.
  12. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  13. The Panel of Adjudicators reserves the right to decide on the eligibility of the nominees.
  1. Nominators and nominees shall follow the rules stipulated on the nomination form of the Award and duly complete the nomination form. A nomination may be disqualified if any of the information provided on the nomination form is incomplete, false or cannot be substantiated.
  2. The nomination form must be submitted to the Award Secretariat before the nomination deadline.
  3. A nomination submitted for, and accepted as valid by the Panel of Adjudicators, shall only be considered for the Award for that particular session.