Academic Advising and Mentoring Programmes

Number of Majors Available

60 students per year.

Proposed Study Schedule

Please refer to our undergraduate programs for more details:


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles Staff Responsible Responsibilities
Faculty Advising Coordinator (FAC) Dr. Kwan Hiu Yee Assumes overall responsibility for coordinating all academic advising/mentoring activities in the Faculty, works closely with advisors/mentors at various levels to take care of students' development during their studies.
Faculty Advisors (FA)

Prof. Li Min (BCM)
Prof. Chen Hubiao (BPharm)
Prof. Zhang Hongjie

Faculty Advisors help students succeed in their studies, provide career planning advice, and assist their successful transition to the workplace.
Department Mentors (DM)

Prof. Chen Hubiao
Prof. Zhang Hongjie
Dr. Cheung King Ho
Dr. Guo Ping
Dr. Joshua Ko
Dr. Kwan Hui Yee
Prof. Yang Zhijun
Dr. Zhang Qingling
Dr. Li Hong
Dr. Chua Ka Kit

Teaching staff assigned in mentor-mentee program will serve as Faculty Advisors (for Year 1 students) to help freshmen adjust to university life and provide academic guidance to Year 1 students.