Expanding Horizon: Students from Kyung Hee University visit SCM

8 February 2024

To facilitate knowledge exchange in traditional medicine between China and Korea, the School hosted a group of 20 students from Kyung Hee University in Korea from 6 to 18 January. A series of exchange activities were arranged for the student delegation, including classroom teaching, observation of Chinese medicine practitioners at work, and tour of Chinese medicine clinics and museum. Guided by a group of young Chinese medicine practitioners, the students deepened their understanding of Chinese medicine.

Dr. Yang Junjun, Executive Associate Director and Associate Professor of Practice from the Clinical Division, warmly welcomed the students from Kyung Hee University. He expressed his gratitude for the student exchange support from Kyung Hee University since 2015 and looked forward to further strengthening the collaboration for the exchange and development of Chinese and Korean traditional medicine.

With the growing global significance of Chinese medicine, the School will foster collaborations with academic institutions across the globe, offering learning opportunities for students who seek to experience healthcare studies in a different cultural setting and enriching their understanding of Chinese medicine with a boarder horizon.

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Conferment Ceremony 

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Clinic Visit