Passing on the Torch: Pathway to excellence in traditional Chinese medicine

9 February 2024

SCM is dedicated to nurturing outstanding talent committed to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. A recent incident perfectly exemplified that our graduates not only possess outstanding medical skills but also show utmost care for patients, a true testament to their talent and virtue.

Professor Zhang Chunling from the Clinical Division suffered a foot injury, making it difficult for her to walk. She encountered three young Chinese medicine practitioners, Qiu Jingting, Cheng Yiu-lung and Chan Nok-yi, at the HKBU Chinese medicine clinic in Causeway Bay. Despite the absence of X-ray equipment, the three talented practitioners collaborated to diagnose Professor Zhang's condition, determining that it was a joint misalignment. Facing her former teacher, Jingting demonstrated great compassion as a Chinese medicine practitioner, carefully comforting Professor Zhang and successfully performing joint realignment. The entire procedure was executed with remarkable skill, even though it was Jingting’s first-time performing joint realignment on a patient. Yiu-lung expertly applied tui na therapy to relax Professor Zhang's muscles and tendons. Upon observing Professor Zhang’s walking posture, Nok-yi noticed tightness in her calf muscles and employed skilled manipulation techniques to relieve the muscle tension and smooth the gliding joints. After the treatment, Professor Zhang's symptoms were alleviated, and her mobility was restored.

Professor Zhang expressed her deep satisfaction with the exceptional performance of her students, stating, "Despite their limited clinical experience, the three practitioners remained calm and executed flawless treatment techniques. I hope that with their continued dedication and accumulation of clinical experience, they will be able to benefit more patients in future."

Professor Li Min, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) of Chinese Medicine, acknowledged the capabilities of the three practitioners, and remarked, "All three practitioners are alumni of the School. This minor incident underscores the strong bond between teachers and students and reaffirms the excellent quality of teaching and learning at SCM. With the transmission of knowledge from teachers to students, and the students' diligent efforts, the mastery of medical skills and ethics is being passed down from one generation to another.”

20240209_2 20240209_2

Professor ZHANG Chunling

20240209_Group 20240209_Group

(From left to right: Qiu Jingting, Cheng Yiu-lung, Chan Nok-yi)