SCM actively participates in research and education projects at HKBU offshore research institutes

7 May 2016


In an effort to expand its offshore research bases, the University has established the HKBU Institute of Research and Continuing Education in Shenzhen, the HKBU Changshu Research Institute and the HKBU (Haimen) Institute of Science and Technology (IST) to conduct interdisciplinary and theme-based innovative research.  With the facilities provided in these institutes, SCM’s academics and researchers have embarked on research collaborations with enterprises to create research results and explored collaboration opportunities with universities to nurture talents in Chinese medicine research.

SCM researchers have launched a number of interdisciplinary projects at IST, including projects on bone and joint diseases, tumour diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, diagnostic and imaging, disease model for drug screening, identification and development of anti-cancer agents from natural product databases by computer-aided drug design, nano-medicinal preparation for drug delivery system, quality and bioactivities of natural polysaccharides, discovery of small molecule of natural lead compounds from the medicinal plants in Lingnan region of China, bioinformatics and biomedical big data analytics, skin diseases research, research on quality evaluation and quality control of TCM and TCM formulas, and research and development of wearable acupoint diagnostic and treatment devices.

The School has also made use of the state-of-the art teaching and research facilities at IST to collaborate with Ohio State University (OSU) in offering a dual PhD programme in drug discovery/biomedical science and related areas.  Under the joint supervision of academics from both universities, students will spend their first year in SCM and the second year in IST.  Subject to passing a qualifying examination, they will continue their studies at OSU for two to three years.  Upon meeting all the programme requirements, they will be awarded a PhD degree separately by HKBU and OSU.

Led by Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of SCM, an SCM delegation comprising academics, researchers and other staff attended the IST open day and signing ceremony of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) held on 7 May.  At the ceremony, MOUs were signed between IST and the Management Committee of Riverside New District of Haimen and four enterprises, indicating a new milestone in IST’s collaboration with industry.  The happy occasion was attended by over 100 guests, including Mr. Jiang Long, Secretary of Haimen Municipal People's Government, Mr. Yang Caoming, Mayor of Haimen City, Mr. Xu Jun, Secretary of the Management Committee of Riverside New District of Haimen, Mr. Zhang Yong, Director of the Management Committee of Riverside New District of Haimen, Professor Yang Teng-kuei, Honorary Dean of IST, Professor Roland T. Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU, Professor Albert Chan, President Emeritus of HKBU, Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development) and Chairman of the Board and Dean of IST, representatives of enterprises and academics, experts and researchers from various faculties of HKBU.

The same day saw the establishment of the Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Committee.   Comprising members from IST, Government of the Riverside New District of Haimen and enterprises, the Committee will formulate plans to nurture high-quality talents, advance innovative research and foster the transfer of research outcomes.  The first batch of enterprises which signed the MOUs includes Hong Kong Huabao Precision Medicine Limited, Genfortune Pharmaceuticals Limited, Shanghai Daqi Bio-Pharm Limited and Nantong Nanfuding Bio-Pharm Limited.  While the first two companies will conduct collaborative research with SCM, the latter two will cooperate with the Faculty of Science.

Since its opening in April last year, IST has made good progress in nurturing dual PhD students, building infrastructure and advancing research, and has established the Institute of Precision Medicine and Innovative Drug which focuses on precision medicine research and innovative drug discovery.  From this year onwards, IST will be co-operating with the enterprises in the Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical Park to nurture top-level talents for the Park and to activate collaboration across industry, academia and research sectors.  The Instrument Service Platform has also begun operation, serving the enterprises in the Park with its state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.  For details, please refer to


Led by Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of SCM, an SCM delegation comprising academics, researchers and other staff attended the IST open day.


Visitors from enterprises, mainland government departments, and overseas/mainland institutions visit the state-of-the-art research facilities of IST.