HKBU confers honorary doctorates on Professor Chen Kaixian and Dr. Kennedy Wong

26 November 2013


Each year Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) confers honorary doctorates on a small number of distinguished persons to recognise their outstanding academic achievements or remarkable contributions to society.  At its 54th Commencement held on 25 November 2013, the University honoured five distinguished persons, including among others Professor Chen Kaixian (left), MCAS, Honorary Professor of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), HKBU, who was awarded the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa, and Professor Kennedy Wong, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of SCM, HKBU, who was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.  They were invited to deliver a speech to share their insights with faculty and students at the series of public lectures entitled “Brilliance of Civilisation” organised by the University.

Professor Chen Kaixian is one of China’s leading scientists in medicinal chemistry research and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  He is renowned for his remarkable achievements in computer-aided drug design and in pioneering innovative drug discovery research.  Currently President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Chen is a close friend and staunch supporter of SCM.  He is Honorary Professor of SCM and has been serving as Chairman of the Panel of Adjudicators of the First and the Second Cheung On Tak International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Medicine and is a frequent participant of conferences hosted by SCM. 

At his lecture entitled “Status and Role of Chinese Medicine in Contemporary Society” under the “Brilliance of Civilisation” series held on 26 November, Professor Chen talked about the history of Chinese and Western medicine and their different opporrtunities and future development.  He pointed out that Chinese medicine adopts a holistic approach which applies accumulated experience to “treat people with diseases” while Western medicine advocates a reductionist approach and emphasises “treating diseases”.  Professor Chen said that the medical profession in the Western stream has been putting more emphasis on the prevention of diseases due to the ever-increasing healthcare cost and the fact that only very little progress has been made in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.  This trend coincides with the preventive approach of Chinese medicine.  He believes that with the deepening integration of Chinese and Western medicine, Chinese medicine will be able to make greater contributions to health science and health promotion.

Dr. Kennedy Wong, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of SCM, is a legal professional and a successful entrepreneur.  He has a very close relationship with HKBU─he was a member of the Council of HKBU and is currently Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Council; he also serves on other HKBU committees.  In 2010, Dr. Wong made a donation of HK$10 million to the University for establishing the “Dr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong Endowed Chair of Chinese Medicine”.  In 2012, he donated HK$1 million towards the “Active Pulse Analyzer for Traditional Chinese Medicine Applications” project of SCM and pledged a donation of HK$10 million to the University for setting up the “Dr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme”.  In 1992, his company became the first law firm in Hong Kong to be approved by the PRC Ministry of Justice to establish an office in mainland China.  Apart from the law firm, Dr. Wong has embarked on different investment projects on the mainland.

In his lecture held on 20 November, Dr. Wong shared with the audience his wealth of experiences accumulated during his career and while serving the community for over three decades and his views on the keys to success.  In his opinion, success in life can be attributed to EQ (50%), IQ (30%) and other factors (20%).  While IQ is fundamental, EQ would become increasingly important. In the end, it is very often EQ that plays a decisive role in achieving success.