Society of Chinese Materia Medica organises academic festival to promote Chinese medicines

16 February 2017


The Society of Chinese Materia Medica organised an academic festival on campus from 13 to 15 February. A thematic seminar, an exhibition and a workshop were held to enhance the understanding of the University community and the public towards local Chinese medicine culture and medicinal plants as well as to enable students to serve the local community with their professional knowledge.


At the festival, Dr Guo Ping, Lecturer I of the Teaching and Research Division, School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) delivered a talk entitled “The Emphasis of Chinese Medicinal Properties—An Elementary Introduction to Some Characteristic Herbs Native to Hong Kong” to present Hong Kong’s Chinese medicine culture to the audience. A selection of common medicinal plants with a detailed description of their medicinal functions was also on display to provide comprehensive information to visitors. In addition, a workshop was arranged for participants to produce handmade “purple cloud ointment” which is used to relieve discomfort caused by dry skin and eczema.


The School has always encouraged its students to put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom. By taking part in the “Herbal Green Campus” project, students have helped beautify the campus with medicinal plants, spreading outward from the walkway outside the SCM building, and by promoting the project to primary and secondary schools, they have enabled the younger generation to learn more about Chinese medicine.