School of Chinese Medicine co-organises forum to discuss the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Academic research and development Partnership Arrangement"

15 December 2009


The School of Chinese Medicine and the Hong Kong Scientist Association (HKSA) co-organised a forum entitled "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Academic research and development Partnership Arrangement" (CAPA) today (15 December) on the HKBU campus. Around 100 academics and students from HKBU and other institutions attended the forum to discuss the development of science and technology through cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

Officiating at the event was Mr. Wu Yangwei, Director General, Hong Kong Island Sub-office, Liason Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR.

Released for discussion at the forum was the CAPA proposal, drafted by the HKSA and Professor Liu Liang, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, who is also the Honorary Chairman of HKSA. The proposal originated from Professor Liu who used the successful experience of the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement for reference.

Mapping out a blueprint for closer cooperation in academic research and development between the Mainland and in Hong Kong, the proposal contains suggestions of system reforms in eight areas: investment in science and technology industries in both places, support for science and technology applications, a mutual recognition system for laboratories, an open system for laboratories, an integrated system to facilitate mobility of personnel, application for the science and technology research projects fund, capital for key national laboratories in Hong Kong and special arrangements for the import/export of materials for scientific research.

Also at the forum, Professor Benjamin Wong, Simon Lee Professor in Gastroenterology of the University of Hong Kong, talked about the advantages and difficulties facing the development of science and technology in Hong Kong. Professor Albert Yu, Chief Executive Officer, Hai Kang Life Corporation Limited and Vice Director of the Neuroscience Research Institute of Peking University, shared his insights on the significance of closer cooperation in science and technology.

Views will be sought on the proposal and incorporated into HKSA's final proposal which will subsequently be submitted to the Central Government and the HKSAR Government for their consideration.