Chinese Medicine professors granted another US patent for research on Chinese medicine herb

30 November 2009


The School of Chinese Medicine was recently granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the study of the Chinese medicinal herb Mao Dong Qing. This is the second US patent related to Mao Dong Qing that the School has been granted within a year. The research points to the potential of developing a new therapeutic agent for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

This patent covers a new class of chemical compounds derived from Mao Dong Qing that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Over 70 percent of the chemical components of this compound can be accurately quantified, making quality control easier.

Mao Dong Qing is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb commonly used in treating cardiovascular diseases. Since these diseases often involve inflammation, this compound has great potential as a new therapeutic agent in their treatment.

The research was conducted by a team led by Dean Liu Liang, Professor Jiang Zhihong and Dr. Zhou Hua, Assistant Professor of the School of Chinese Medicine. At the end of last year, the team was granted a patent in the US for their research into a component of Mao Dong Qing with anti-platelet aggregation activity. Professor Liu said that these patents will facilitate the internationalisation and commercialisation of traditional Chinese medicine.