School of Chinese Medicine launches Hong Kong's first online database of medicinal plants

3 November 2009


Medicinal plants, an important material basis of Chinese medicine culture, have a long history and great variety. With the aim of promoting the popularisation and internationalisation of the study of medicinal plants, the School of Chinese Medicine has established an online database of medicinal plants, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Students of Chinese medicine and members of the public are welcome to use the online service which is free of charge.

The database contains information on up to 1,000 species of medicinal plants including their names in Chinese, English and Latin, their images, shapes and forms, geographical distribution and efficiency.

The photographs in the database are contributed by Dr. Chen Hubiao, Assistant Professor of the School of Chinese Medicine, who photographed a large number of medicinal plants from various parts of China over the years.

Dr. Chen said that with the aim of supporting teaching and learning, the database would provide Chinese medicine students and members of the public with systematic knowledge of medicinal plants through a user-friendly searching and learning tool. Dr. Chen is currently working on another online database of Chinese herbal medicines.

The database of medicinal plants is a collaborative project between the School of Chinese Medicine and the Library, HKBU: (