Seminar on Part-time Programmes 2009

13 July 2009


In order to let those interested to have a better understanding of the part-time programmes offered by the Division of Continuing & Professional Education of our School, a programme introductory talk was held on 4 July 2009 (Sat). More than 150 participants attended the talk that day. Detailed explanation on the part-time programmes, such as "Diploma of Beauty Care in Chinese Medicine", "Certificate of Orthopaedics in Chinese Medicine", "Certificate in Chinese Medicine Sports Studies for Heath Preservation", "Certificate in Chinese medicine Nutritional Studies", "Certificate in Chinese medicine Tea Studies for Health Preservation", "Diploma in Chinese Medicine", "Professional Diploma of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine", "Professional Certificate in Accupuncture", and "Certificate in Tui Na", was given to the participants.

Prof. Dang introduced the programmes and shared the theories of health preservation in Chinese Medicine.

Participants consulted programme information from our staff.