SCM Retreat 2015

10 July 2015


The annual retreat of SCM was held on 10 July 2015 on campus instead of Zhuhai due to Typhoon Linfa.  About 50 representatives of teaching and administrative staff from the four divisions gathered in Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Lecture Theatre of the SCM Building to discuss the future direction of SCM.

Last year SCM formulated its work plan for 2014-15 in accordance with the three strategic focus areas of HKBU, i.e. “quality teaching and learning”, “innovative research” and “community engagement” set out in the University’s Vision 2020.  After a year of hard work, Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of SCM, and Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, Associate Dean of SCM, and directors and representatives of the four divisions reviewed the implementation of the action plans.  In addition, they formulated the strategies for further development and formulated the work plan for 2015-16 and beyond.

In his opening speech, Professor Lu stressed the importance of working happily and expressed his hope that the entire faculty and staff would work together to contribute to the growth of the School in all areas including education, research and provision of clinical service and rise to the challenges from local, mainland China and overseas institutions. In particular, SCM should identify its niche areas and formulate its long-term goals and strategic plan.  After discussion, there was the view that SCM should on the one hand endeavor to become a Chinese medicine institution which belongs to Hong Kong─to nurture local Chinese medicine practitioners, serve the local community and build close relationship with alumni and employers, it should on the other hand aspire to develop into an international Chinese medicine institution.  In addition, the School should identify its areas of strength, strengthen its research postgraduate education and make the best use of its resources for developing its research strength, engage in innovative research as well as promote the heritage of Chinese medicine, with a view to becoming a leading school of Chinese medicine in the international arena.