SCM research student wins Young Investigator Award for outstanding research achievement

5 May 2015


Mr Liu Jin, PhD student of the School of Chinese Medicine, was recently presented with the Young Investigator Award at the International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society Conference and Xiangya Osteoporosis Forum held in Changsha for his outstanding research on bone and joint diseases.

Entitled "A delivery system specifically approaching bone resorption surfaces to facilitate therapeutic modulation of microRNAs in osteoclasts", the award-winning paper introduced the development of (D-Asp8)-liposome, an osteoclast-targeting delivery system which could facilitate miRNA modulators to specifically approach bone-resorption surfaces and selectively target osteoclasts to regulate osteoclast function. 

The research article was recently published online in Biomaterials( The study is expected to provide a promising osteoclast-targeting delivery system to facilitate clinical translation of miRNA modulators in treating skeletal diseases caused by osteoclast dysfunction.


Mr Liu Jin wins the Young Investigator Award for his outstanding achievement on bone and joint diseases