Distinguished Chinese medicine scholar shares insight on strategic thinking of Chinese medicine theory

12 December 2014


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) organised a Distinguished Scholar Lecture on 8 December featuring Professor Li Zhenji, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and former Vice-commissioner of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, PRC, as speaker. Professor Li, who is also a leader of the expert team on Chinese Medicine of the National Basic Research Programme (973 Programme), delivered a talk entitled “Strategic thinking of Chinese medicine theory and project implementation under the 973 Programme” to enable an audience comprising faculty and students, alumni and registered Chinese medicine practitioners to learn more about the strategies and funding provided by the Mainland Government for Chinese medicine projects.

At the lecture, Professor Li talked about the positioning and thinking, outline, major achievements, and strategic consideration of Chinese medicine theory under the 973 Programme as well as the specific requirements for the implementation of projects which come under the three main areas of Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. The main objective of the Programme is to conduct research into the core theories of Chinese medicine using both traditional and innovative approaches for the advancement of Chinese medicine. The expert team has identified more than 20 key research topics for studies on Chinese medicine theory in the next decade.

The 973 Programme, formulated by the former National Science and Technology Pioneering Team at its third meeting in 1997, is implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology with the aim of strengthening the country’s primary research in the fields of, inter alia, agriculture, energy, information, resources and environment, population and health as well as materials to tie in with the national economic, technological and social development strategies of the country. Chinese medicine theory and modernisation of Chinese medicine form part of the major research focuses in the field of population and health research.


Professor Li Zhenji shares his insights on the strategic thinking of Chinese medicine theory and project implementation under the 973 Programme