HKBU collaborates with a pharmaceutical company in Mainland China to establish joint research platform for translational medicine and drug discovery

11 December 2014


HKBU and Guizhou Yibai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (Guizhou Yibai) signed a cooperation agreement recently to establish the “Hong Kong Baptist University – Guizhou Yibai Joint Research Platform for Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery” with the aim of developing new combinational target-specific drugs.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by representatives of the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, Guiyang Municipal Government, Guizhou Yibai and HKBU. Representatives from the People’s Government of Guizhou Province included Mr Wang Jiangping, Vice Governor; Mr Feng Shiwen, Deputy Secretary-General of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government; Mr Chen Jian, Director of Science and Technology Department; Mr Ma Ningyu, Deputy Director of the Commission of Industry and Information Technology; Mr Luo Xiangbin, Deputy Director of Food and Drug Administration; Ms Mao Youbi, Vice Mayor of the Guiyang Municipal Government; Ms Yang Ji, Head of the Yunyan District. Guizhou Yibai was represented by Ms Dou Qiling, President; Mr Lang Hongping, Mr Wang Zhiwei and Mr Zhang Shenggui, Vice-Presidents; Mr Zhang Linsheng, Assistant to President; Mr Li Gang, Director of Strategic Planning and Brand Promotion Departments; Professor He Fengci, Director of Technology; and Mr Yang Qingbo, Director of Technology Division. The HKBU delegation led by Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, comprised of Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development); Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM); and Dr Zhang Ge, Director of Technology Development Division.

In his speech, Professor Albert Chan said that Guizhou province, with its abundant Chinese herbal resources, has a distinct advantage in the production of Chinese medicines and the research and development of new drugs in Chinese medicine. Guizhou Yibai, a high-tech enterprise devoted to the research, development, production and sale of new drugs, shares the common goals of promoting Chinese medicine and contributing to good health and well-being with HKBU. He looked forward to the discovery of innovative drugs in the near future through joint research on translational medicine and drug discovery.

Addressing the audience, Mr Wong Jiangping, Vice Governor of Guizhou province, said that new drug development and the health industry in Guizhou enjoy the advantages of rich herbal resources, robust ethnic medicines industry as well as favourable policies of Guizhou province that support biomedical drug research. With the research platform established in Hong Kong and the production base in Guizhou, the collaboration would benefit from the strengths of the two parties and produce fruitful results.

Located in SCM’s new research base in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the research platform managed by SCM is a channel for drug data mining and bioinformatics analysis which provides technical support for biomedical drug research. It is the objective of the two parties to gain national and regional research grants as well as register new drugs.


Mr Wang Zhiwei (front row, right), Vice-President of Guizhou Yibai, and Professor Rick Wong (front row, left), Vice-President (Research and Development) of HKBU, sign the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties to establish the “Hong Kong Baptist University ─ Guizhou Yibai Joint Research Platform for Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery”