SCM showcases heritage and innovation of Chinese Medicine at InnoCarnival

4 November 2014


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is staging an exhibition at the InnoCarnival being held at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park from 1 November. Revolving around the theme of “Heritage and Innovation of Chinese Medicine”, the exhibition highlights two special aspects of Chinese Medicine – the Compendium of Materia Medica Cultural Project and clinical traditional Chinese medicine, with a particular emphasis on acupuncture. SCM aims to impart knowledge of the cultural heritage and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, recent achievements of modern Chinese medicine as well as the way forward to advance the standardisation and modernisation of Chinese medicine.

At the exhibition, SCM introduces to the public the Compendium of Materia Medica, the first masterpiece on Chinese herbal medicine in China, and SCM’s Chinese Medicine Digital Project which popularised research on Chinese medicine. Through these two exhibits, visitors can learn more about the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the scientific basis for the study of modern Chinese medicine. SCM also shines a spotlight on acupuncture through the photo gallery documenting the development of acupuncture, display of ancient and modern acupuncture tools, and the computerised human body model for learning acupoints and meridians. Visitors have the opportunity to find out more about the theory of meridians and conduct an analysis on their physical health conditions through computerised programmes. 

In addition, a series of Chinese medicine seminars by experts from SCM introduces the use of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of cough, insomnia and symptomatic pain as well as constipation and bone and joint diseases which commonly afflict the elderly.

The SCM exhibition, supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund, continues until Sunday (9 November). For details, please visit website:


A SCM student (left) introduces the acupoints multimedia learning tool to Mr Gregory So (third from right), Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and other guests


A visitor shows interest in learning about the body’s acupoints and meridians through the computerised model of the human body