“Visiting Scholars Public Lecture” seminar series organised for Hospital Authority

19 October 2014


SCM has since the 2013-14 academic year been organising “Visiting Scholars Public Lectures” for the Hospital Authority on campus to enhance the clinical skills of local Chinese medicine practitioners and foster the development of the Chinese medicine profession in Hong Kong.  On 8 June, the fourth lecture of the dermatology seminar series was held, with Professor Lu Chuanjian, Associate Dean of Second School of Clinic Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, delivering a talk on clinical thinking on Chinese medicine treatment for skin diseases with psoriasis as the example.

The first lecture of the 2014-15 seminar series focusing on gynecology was held on 19 October, with Professor Li Yali, Head of Gynecology of the Xi Yuan Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, delivering a talk on the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment for gynecological diseases and her wealth of experience in treating these diseases.