Promoting Chinese medicine to the world

10 September 2014


With its long history and prominent efficacy, Chinese medicine has been gaining increasing importance worldwide and attracting an increasing number of talents both from China and overseas to study and pursue a career in Chinese medicine.  Both Eric Brand from theUS and Marcus Gadau from Germany have developed interest in Chinese medicine after their personal experience of the miraculous efficacy of Chinese medicine.  Their interest has promoted them to study Chinese medicine in its place of origin, and both of them are now PhD students at SCM.  Their common goal is to promote the understanding of the profundity of Chinese medicine in Western countries and promote this gem of Chinese culture to the world.

Eric Brand
Eric Brand was born and raised in the US.  His association with Chinese medicine began when he went to see a Chinese medicine doctor.  The simple and effective treatment provided by the doctor impressed him so much that he decided to learn the Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  After years of hard work, Eric has succeeded in becoming a licensed acupuncturist in the US, and has been engaged in the translation and publication of Chinese medicine books in the US and mainland China prior to his move to Hong Kong.  He is currently a TCM advisor to the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Chair of the Terminology Committee of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Vice Chair of the International Terminology Committee for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Eric said that Chinese medicine has a huge potential for development but it is not widely known in the West.  He is of the opinion that SCM is already a world-class school in the area of authentication, processing and quality assessment of Chinese medicines.  He hopes that under the guidance of Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, Associate Dean of SCM, he can increase both the breadth and depth of his knowledge of Chinese medicines, which would enable him to serve as a bridge for the globalisation of Chinese medicine.  His plan is to continue doing field research in mainland China and to use his knowledge and experience acquired to venture into the world of traditional herbal medicines of Europe and Latin America.

Marcus Gadau
Marcus Gadau from Germany first encountered Chinese medicine when he received acupuncture for pain treatment.  He was fascinated by its effectiveness and has since developed a keen interest in Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.  After high school graduation, he declined the offers of western medicine universities in Germany and chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree programme in Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine instead.  After obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he was admitted to SCM’s PhD programme and is now engaged in an acupuncture trial which takes place in a number of centres in different parts of the world under the guidance of Dr. Zhang Shiping of the Teaching and Research Division. 

Looking back on his own experience of receiving Chinese medicine treatment and receiving training at hospitals in Beijing, Marcus is of the view that while Western medicine enjoys advantages in emergency treatment, Chinese medicine is a better option for treating pain problems and chronic diseases.  With the growing popularity of Chinese medicine in Western countries, the plan of Marcus, who has been engaging in the study of pain treatment with acupuncture, is to set up his own Chinese medicine centre either in Germany or the US to help patients suffering from chronic pains with acupuncture.