Rachel Wu received full fellowship to pursue PhD at Purdue University

28 July 2014


Miss Rachel Wu, Research Assistant of SCM, received a fellowship of more than HK460,000 per year to support her to pursue a four-year PhD programme on Interdiciplinary Life Science-PULSe at Purdue University in the US. Rachel said that the research at SCM covers a wide spectrum of topics and is very challenging. The research experience at the School has enhanced her ability to work independently and scientific thinking, which enabled her to outshine thousands of candidates to win the scholarship.

Upon her graduation from the Department of Biology at HKBU in 2013, Rachel joined the research team of Professor Bian Zhaoxiang, Director of Clinical Division of SCM.  She has been given the opportunity to widen her research knowledge in the fields of clinical study, pharmaceutics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, phytochemistry and synthetic chemistry, unlike the focus on one discipline in her undergraduate studies.  Speaking highly of the strong academic ambience at the School, Rachel said that she had gained much inspiration from the talks delivered by renowned scholars at seminars organized by the School.

Professor Bian said that HKBU is committed to nurturing talents and the interdisciplinary research platforms set up at the University in recent years have provided ample opportunities for young scientists to develop their potentials and excel.