Chinese Medicine Society organises festival to promote healthcare

24 July 2014


The HKBU Chinese Medicine Society organised the 15th Chinese medicine festival on the prevention of common diseases at Kowloon City Plaza from 20 to 22 July. Through an exhibition, leaflets and talks, the activity introduced to the public the importance of preventing common diseases and the different healthcare and rehabilitation methods. In addition, free consultations, quizzes on Chinese medicine, game booths, music and dance performances were also arranged to further enhance visitors’ understanding and interest in Chinese medicine.

The principles of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment for diseases were introduced at the exhibition by highlighting common recurrent diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, rheumatism, cancer and diabetes. The prevention of diseases is a special feature of Chinese medicine treatment and healthcare and is based on three major principles – prevention before illness, seeking immediate treatment when sick, and avoiding passing infection to others. According to these principles, healthcare is important to prevent the cause of diseases and immediate treatment is needed at the early stage of infection to prevent aggravation of the illness.


The festival helps enhance visitors’ understanding and knowledge of Chinese medicine prevention of common diseases