Restructuring of School of Chinese Medicine

1 July 2014


The Senate of HKBU has approved the restructuring of the School of Chinese Medicine with effect from 1 July 2014.  As a result of the restructuring, the existing Teaching Division (CMTD) will be renamed as Teaching and Research Division (CMTR) to reflect its two major functions of teaching and research, and the Research and Development Division (RDD) will be renamed as Technology Development Division (TDD), which will be responsible for promoting SCM’s technology and technology development.  Specifically, TDD will (a) promote SCM’s technology and technological platform by conducting collaborative projects with or providing technological services to the industry and other external organizations; (b) collaborate with the industry to develop technology by inter alia establishing joint laboratories; and (c) provide testing, authentication and consultancy services to the Government and the industry, launch “BU Health” products and publish books through the Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine (IACM) Ltd.