New Book by Staff

12 June 2014


Chinese Medicinal Identification: An Illustrated Approach

ISBN: 978-0912111995

Editors in Chief: Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, Associate Dean of School of Chinese Medicine, and Dr Chen Hubiao, Associate Professor of School of Chinese Medicine

This book records 428 commonly used Chinese medicinal materials (including associated medicinals) using the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2010) combined with domestic and international market investigation as a basis for determining medicinal nomenclature. For each medicinal, details are provided on nomenclature, origin, harvesting and post-harvest handling, functions and properties, macroscopic characteristics and decoction pieces. 

The book emphasises the experience-based differentiation of Chinese medicinal materials, which is a treasure of China’s cultural heritage that has been inherited and systematised, combining the technical terms derived from experience in differentiation with a modern scientific perspective. In addition, the authors draw upon a foundation of years of field research and experiments related to medicinal materials, synthesising information on trade, literature and techniques.