SCM collaborates with HKEJ Multi-Media in filming health preservation video

11 March 2011


It is often to hear health complaints for a busy city with a fast pace of life like Hong Kong. With a view to offering professional advice to improve the situation, SCM has recently launched a collaboration project with Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) Multi-Media in filming a video programme with a central theme on health preservation in Chinese medicine.

In the video, experts of different divisions of the School will be invited to speak or demonstrate on ways to preserve health. Topics of the programme include Tai-ji, Qi-gong, food therapy, tea therapy, anti-flu measures etc.

The initiative on the one hand will help promote health reservation in Chinese medicine and on the other will showcase the School’s contribution to the community through its expertise.

The video clips will be uploaded to the website of the HKEJ and some of the clips can be viewed at HKEJ youtube channel. Please click here to the quick link at the bottom right corner of the SCM website to view the first video clip.