University showcases wealth of Chinese medicine at InnoCarnival

7 November 2013


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is currently participating in an exhibition at InnoCarnival 2013 being held at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park since 2 November. With the theme “Marching Towards Modern Chinese Medicine: Conservation of Rare Chinese Medicines Resources and Exhibition of Modern Chinese Medicine Technology”, the SCM exhibition delivers a variety of edutainment activities to allow visitors to experience the integration of traditional wisdom and modern technologies in the development of Chinese medicine. 

This year, SCM is exhibiting specimens of rare plants and animals donated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to educate the public about the importance of conservation of endangered species and the sustainable use of Chinese medicines.  The exhibition introduces the medicinal value of the specimens, the current and potential threats to biodiversity as well as the sustainable use of natural medicinal resources.

In addition, the School’s exhibition gave visitors a chance to gain hands-on experience of both traditional and modern Chinese medicine through an array of experiential activities, such as dispensing medicinal herbs and weighing them with a steelyard, using a microscope to differentiate between Chinese medicinal materials, and trying out an advanced apparatus for simulating traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic methods.  The exhibition also educates the public by means of the Chinese Medicinal Materials Image Database and the Medicinal Plants Images Database, Chinese medicinal plants, interactive computer games, and a number of precious and rare specimens of Chinese medicines provided by Beijing Tong Ren Tang, the sponsor of the School’s exhibition.  

The SCM exhibition continues until Sunday (10 November) and is supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund and the Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Ltd.  For details, please visit


A SCM student ambassador (left) demonstrates using a steelyard to weigh herbs


A visitor is interested in using a microscope to identify Chinese medicinal materials