SCM appoints six outstanding scholars and national medical masters as Honorary Professors

16 October 2013


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) held its 5th Honorary Professorship Conferment Ceremony-cum-Seminar today (16 October) to confer honorary professorships on six distinguished scholars and national medical masters in recognition of their significant achievements and outstanding contribution to the field of Chinese medicine. The Honorary Professors were invited to speak at the seminars held after the ceremony, sharing their scientific research and medical expertise with an audience of 300 people including local Chinese medicine practitioners as well as SCM faculty members, students and alumni. 

The six Honorary Professors this year are Professor Chen Kaixian, President of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Professor Guo Dean, Director of Shanghai Research Centre for TCM Modernization, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor Tan Weihong, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Chemo/Biosensing and Chemometrics of Hunan University, and Distinguished Professor of the University of Florida; and the three national medical masters from China, Professor Zhu Liangchun, Professor Lu Guangxin and Professor Li Jiren. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Andy Lee, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary of HKBU, hailed the Honorary Professors as leaders in the field of tertiary education and Chinese medicine. Their enthusiasm in the pursuit of knowledge and in the treatment of diseases together with their brilliant achievements in teaching, research and clinical study of Chinese medicine, set an exemplary role model for teachers and students as well as Chinese medicine practitioners. Mr. Andy Lee and Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of SCM, HKBU, expressed their hope that the School would be able to scale new heights and make greater achievements in teaching, research and clinical service with the guidance and inspiration of the Honorary Professors. 

The seminars held after the ceremony mainly covered topics ranging from traditional Chinese Medicine to cutting-edge research development in Chinese medicine. Professor Chen Kaixian spoke on the latest developments in translational medicine and the integration of Chinese and Western medicine; Professor Guo Dean shared on “Quality-oriented Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and Professor Tan Weihong lectured on “The cornerstone of molecular medicine: molecular tools”. Professor Zhu Liangchun and Professor Lu Guangxin also shared their clinical expertise through live videos.


(From left) Ms. Li Haiyu representing Professor Lu Guangxin, Professor Tan Weihong, Professor Chen Kaixian, Mr. Andy Lee, Professor Guo Dean, Ms. Zhu Wanhua representing Professor Zhu Liangchun and Professor Lu Aiping attend the School of Chinese Medicine 5th Honorary Professorship Conferment Ceremony (Professor Li Jiren did not send a representative to the ceremony.)