SCM participates in Chinese medicine, tea and food fairs

21 August 2013


In order to enhance the public’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine health products and the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) participated in three fairs organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council last week. They were the International Conference and Exhibition of the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine and Health Products (ICMCM), the Hong Kong International Tea Fair, and the Food Expo. The School set up booths at the three fairs. At its ICMCM booth, the School introduced its development and achievements in the areas of education, research and development, clinical service and international cooperation in Chinese medicine. The booth set up by the Division of Continuing and Professional Education at the tea fair attracted a large number of visitors who exchanged views or enquired about Chinese medicine tea therapy and the programmes offered. At the Food Expo, the Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine Limited offered “BU HEALTH” products and publications written by SCM experts. In addition, SCM experts were invited to talk at the ICMCM conference on the theme of “The Advanced Research and Development of Chinese Medicine on Cancer Treatment”.


Visitors enhance their knowledge of Chinese medicine at the booths set up by the School of Chinese Medicine