Professor Lu Aiping leads China delegation to ISO plenary meeting on Chinese medicine

17 June 2013


Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), led a delegation from China to the 4th Plenary Meeting of the International Organisation for Standardisation Technical Committee of Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC249) in Durban, South Africa, in May. As the leader of the delegation representing China, Professor Lu delivered a speech entitled “Chinese medicine and standardisation” at the meeting. Professor Lu has been serving as the leader of the China delegation since the establishment of ISO/TC249 in 2009. He said that with the global development of Chinese medicine, the World Health Organisation and ISO have launched projects pertaining to the standardisation of Chinese medicine and set up committees on Chinese medicine. SCM will continue to strengthen its ties with these organisations and actively participate in the establishment of international standards for Chinese medicine, thereby further promoting the internationalisation and standardisation of Chinese medicine. The University is privileged to be involved in ISO/TC249’s establishment of international standards for Chinese medicine through the work done by Professor Lu. SCM’s participation would enable the School to contribute to the improvement of the quality and safety of Chinese medicine as well as the standardisation and internationalisation of this increasingly popular field, and bring HKBU to the world stage of Chinese medicine. ISO/TC249 is an authority on establishing international standards for trading in Chinese medicines. It is responsible for setting up international standards for Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine products, acupuncture apparatus, Chinese medicine equipment and Chinese medicine informatics, which have a major impact on Chinese medical service, Chinese medicine products and related industries. ISO/TC249 meetings are held in different regions each year. Organised by the South African Bureau of Standards, this year’s meeting was attended by more than 170 scholars, government officials and representatives of related industries from 17 member countries, including China, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan and Korea.


As the representative of China, Professor Lu Aiping (centre, front row) speaks at the ISO/TC249 plenary meeting