SCM gives lectures and free consultations on diabetes

30 November 2012


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) launched a health promotion event last Saturday (24 November) comprising lectures and week-long free consultations to introduce Chinese medicine treatments for complications of diabetes. Mr. Liu Xin and Ms. Zhang Juan, visiting scholars at SCM, gave lectures on the eye disease diabetic retinopathy. Their respective lectures were entitled “Chinese Medicine Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy” and “The Advantages of Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy”. People suffering from diabetes were also given free Chinese medicine consultations on that day, including a test for diabetic retinopathy, the use of Chinese medicine in ophthalmology, an internal consultation and a blood test. In addition, free consultations on Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes are being given at three of HKBU’s Chinese medicine clinics for a week until 1 December (Saturday). For details, please visit the website:


SCM representatives and guests launch health promotion event for sufferers of diabetes