Promotional Talk on Sub-degree Programmes and Chinese Medicine Culture

13 June 2018


With the aim of popularizing Chinese medicine knowledge as well as promoting Chinese medicine culture to members of the public, the Division of Continuing and Professional Education held a promotional talk on Chinese medicine, which attracted around 100 participants, on 9 June 2018. An information session on Sub-degree Programmes was also given on the same occasion to participants who had a keen interest in knowing Chinese medicine knowledge and pursuing Chinese medicine studies. During the first half of the event, audience listened with relish to an interesting talk delivered by Professor Wu Tong from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his talk, Professor Wu introduced to them the long history of Chinese medicine by sharing the life story of an eminent scholar and Chinese medicine practitioner in ancient China. Then, our teaching staff brought the attention of the audience to the curriculum features and admission requirements of the Sub-degree Programmes. A classroom teaching demonstration was followed to give them the opportunities to experience the unique teaching and learning atmosphere of Chinese medicine studies.


A promotional talk on Chinese medicine was given by Professor Wu Tong to popularize Chinese medicine knowledge to the public


Curriculum features and admission requirements of each individual Sub-degree programme were introduced to the participants