SCM Retreat 2018

3 July 2018


Led by Dean Lyu Aiping and Associate Dean Zhao Zhongzhen, over 50 teaching and administrative staff of SCM attended the annual SCM retreat on 29 June 2018 held at the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy.

In his opening remarks, Professor Lyu thanked the Divisions for their hard and good work in the past year and shared his thoughts on the key attributes of an outstanding organisation, viz. lofty missions, powerful attraction and growth potential. While members of the organisation must embrace common goals and as a whole fulfil the expectations of stakeholders and the wider community, they must also live up to their corporate values and abide by the spirit of the contract. He encouraged faculty and staff to complement each other and work closely together to contribute to the robust development of SCM and the advancement of Chinese medicine. The participants spent the rest of the day discussing the School's undergraduate programmes, research, continuing and professional education as well as clinical services and coming up with ideas to enhance them.