SCM exhibition on tour in China

30 August 2019


SCM joined hands with Phoenix Exhibitions and the Materia Medica Association to stage an exhibition at The 12th Beijing Chinese Medicine Culture Promotion Week-cum-The 11th Temple of Earth Chinese Medicine Health Culture Festival.  The joint event, which took place at the Temple of Earth (Ditan Park) in central Beijing from 10 to 11 May, was hosted by Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dongcheng District People's Government of Beijing Municipality.

Professor Zhao Zhongzhen, Chair Professor of SCM, is the creative force behind this exhibition.   Titled “The world of bencao: people and stories along the Belt and Road”, it offers visitors an overview of the global spread of traditional Chinese medicine through photos and information amassed by Professor Zhao over the years on his field trips and journeys to promote the culture of Chinese medicine around the world .

At the invitation of the organisers, Professor Zhao gave a speech entitled “The world of bencao, the bencao of the world” at the opening ceremony of the event in which he spoke of the far-reaching and enduring influence of the Compendium of Materia Medica on the study of the natural world.

After its launch in Beijing, the travelling exhibition went on display at the Li Shizhen Memorial Hall in Qichun, Hubei Province in late May and at the Yunan University of Chinese Medicine for The 7th International Conference of Western Studies on Chinese Medicine in July.  It will be coming to Hong Kong next year, where it will be open to the public at Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine at HKBU.