SCM students shine at The 15th International Postgraduate Symposium on Chinese Medicine

16 August 2019


Three PhD students, Chen Qilei (1st from right, back row), Chou Jiyao (2nd from right, front row) and Xie Wenjian (3rd from right, front row) participated in The 15th International Postgraduate Symposium on Chinese Medicine held on 15-16 August in Hong Kong and won the Tianjian Cup Li Shizhen Youth Outstanding Thesis Award.  Ms. Chen and Mr. Chou each gave a poster presentation, respectively on "Discovery of anti-arthritic agents from Saussurea laniceps using magnetic ligand fishing with progressive bio-screening" and "Synergistic anti-melanoma effects of MK-8776 and Atrctylenolide I", while Mr. Xie delivered an oral presentation entitled "Novel miliusanes identified from the antitumor plant Miliusa sinensis".