Introduction to Research at SCM

With thousands of years of history, the development of Chinese medicine has made a tremendous contribution to the proliferation and prosperity of the Chinese nation. Owing to the great breadth and profundity of its theories and proven efficacy, Chinese medicine has become a new focus of attention for scientists all over the world.

Committed to both inheritance and innovation in Chinese medicine, the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) makes full use of modern technologies to conduct innovative research on standardisation of Chinese medicine and integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine, and contributes to the internationalisation of Chinese medicine.

The fundamental research strength of SCM lies in the academic and research experts who comprise the largest research team of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. In recent years, our research team has been successful in winning various external research grants, including those from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen, the Croucher Foundation, the General Research Fund of the Research Grants Council, the Innovation and Technology Commission, the Health and Medical Research Fund and the Hong Kong Scholars Programme etc. To further consolidate our strengths of innovative research on Chinese medicine, the School has devoted resources to establish 12 high quality theme-based research centres equipped with advanced equipment and facilities.

Riding on the University's strategy of fostering interdisciplinary research, the experts and researchers of SCM have been conducting innovative research on the traditional discipline of Chinese medicine which aims to discover new knowledge and create novel technologies for translation and application to benefit society, and they have produced very encouraging results on this front. The faculty members of SCM have produced substantial research outputs in international scientific journals and have been granted numerous patent rights from the US, the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. In the results of the Research Assessment Exercise 2014 announced by the University Grants Committee, SCM outshone other institutions in the percentage of four-star rating (world leading) in the field of Chinese medicine.

Looking ahead, SCM will continue to work hard and scale new heights in the research field of innovative drug discovery and development based on Chinese medicine.


Major Research Areas

  1. Precision medicine and phenomics.
  2. Translational medicine and innovative drug discovery.
  3. Authentication and testing of Chinese medicines.