HKBU Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory

HKBU has established six new interdisciplinary research laboratories that expand on the University's existing research strengths.

The research laboratories will support HKBU's Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028 and enable the University to produce world-class research in selected research clusters. They will also help HKBU make a positive impact on local and international communities.

Computational Medicine Laboratory

The Computational Medicine Laboratory is one of the six new interdisciplinary research laboratories. With the concerted efforts of SCM and Faculty of Science, the Computational Medicine Laboratory will be spearheaded as a locally and nationally top-tier new drug research and development base, driven by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) research.  Integrating advanced technologies of data science and information science, and the basis of biomedicine and chemistry, the Laboratory promises to build up a comprehensive and profound Chinese medicine data assets par excellence, and become the world's second-to-none authoritative knowledge base on TCM-based modern therapeutics and new drug discovery.  It also aims to make major scientific research achievement on knowledge bases for Chinese medicine such as the Data Encyclopedia & Molecular Compendium of Materia Medica, and synergistic mechanism of TCM compound.  

Joint Chairs of the Laboratory Search Committee:

  • Prof. Aiping LYU, Dean, School of Chinese Medicine
  • Prof. Pong Chi YUEN, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science


  • Prof. Zhaoxiang BIAN (Chinese Medicine)
  • Prof. Ken YUNG (Biology)
  • Prof. Hongjie ZHANG (Chinese Medicine)
  • Dr. Lu ZHANG (Computer Science)
  • Dr. Shi Ping ZHANG (Chinese Medicine)


For more information please refer to the HKBU Research Website.